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To help us get some statistics for our Reunion, Please fill out the attached survey as best as you can.

We will then have some fun stats to publish for the Reunion Banquet Attendees.

This survey is intended for classmates who are attending the Reunion Banquet.


You must be a member to submit this survey. If you are a member please log in first. You can't submit this form until you've logged in.

* Answer Required
1)   * Are your attending the Saturday Night Reunion Banquet alone or bringing someone?

Please fill in the name of your guest.
2)   * Did your spouse or guest (the one that's coming to the Reunion with you) graduate from Redford High School also?

We will pass on any 1960 grads to the 1960 reunion committee
3)   * What events are you planning on attending during our Reunion Weekend?

Please check all the events you plan on attending...
4)   * Are you staying at the Embassy Suites Hotel for the Reunion Weekend?

5)   * How will you be traveling to the Reunion?

6)   * How many years have you been married (and still are currently married)- show wedding date.

7)   * How many times have you been married?

8)   * Who has the most children? How many children do you have?

9)   Who has the youngest child? Show the age and birth date of your youngest child.

10)   * How many grand-children do you have?

11)   * How many great grand-children do you have?

12)   * Are you an animal person? What pets do you have?

You may choose more than one answer
13)   * What is the oldest car that you drive on a regular basis (no show cars)? Please show make, model and year.

14)   Do you own any show cars? Please list them

15)   * How many cars and/or trucks do you own? Please list them

16)   * Do you own a second home/condo... timeshare... motor home... cottage?

You may choose more than one.
17)   * Where do you live as your main residence? House... Condo... Apartment... Boat... Other...

Choose one
18)   * Musical Instrument - Did you play in High School?

19)   * Vocal, did you sing in High School?