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Alberta Maynadene MacKenzie (Emigh)

Alberta Maynadene MacKenzie (Emigh)

 Maynadene MacKenzie Emigh
date of death -- July 29, 1985
cause -- malignant brain tumor
home at time of death -- Farmington Hills, Michigan
Husband -- Bill Emigh
Children -- Bradley and Nancy Emigh

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08/23/09 09:18 PM #1    

Yvonne Gorak (Centala)

Maynadene MacKenzie, Jan '59
Posted Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 5:24 PM

One sweet, smart and truly good innocent in the world was Maynadene, a music major at Wayne. She died in the '80s of brain cancer after a long battle with the aid of allopathic doctors and meds and alternative methods her sister helped her find.

Before that, she married had Bill Emigh and adopted two children, a girl and a boy, from Central America.

Maynadene was a good friend of mine through high school, and we were both being considered for the small faculty scholarship. Mr. Whitman had put my name forward for it, and he told me later I did not get it, but Maynadene did. I quickly moved from disappointment to delight, for if I could not have it, no one else getting it could have pleased me more.

We remained friends through college and met for dinners or tea with Gail Hipple and Marilynn Welfare. Actually, that went on after college, too, when we started teaching. Although I moved from Michigan in 1967, I continued to see her every year when I returned to the Detroit area. My husband had been a friend of Maynadene's since childhood, and their mothers were best friends, so we visited each other's homes. She made a quilt for my firstborn, and Mary has used it for both her children.

Gosh, I miss her. She always had a fresh, uplifting view of life, even in approaching death.

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