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John Earl Stanton

John Earl Stanton

John Earl Stanton

9/3/1941 - 11/8/1995


John passed away in 1995 after a brave battle with cancer. He was married to his college sweetheart, Donna, for 30 years and had two lovely daughters.  John had a successful career as an executive and ran for public office, winning his party's nomination. At the end of his life he managed a ranch in the hills above Santa Barbara, fulfilling his life's dream of being a cowboy. He published a book of cowboy poetry and even received word from Roy Rogers that he had read the book.  The name John means a gift from God, and he truly was. He is greatly missed.

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01/15/09 01:39 PM #1    

Georgia M. Griffith (Roed)

John Stanton was a very busy person but he took time to be very kind to me.
Thank you, John!

01/15/09 07:09 PM #2    

Cameron B. Howie

John was a dear Friend..we used to meet at Daly's for a burger and go outside so John could have a smoke.He had a flair about him that was always positive...he really loved life,his family,his friends,(A bunch),made a great salsa,rode a horse like he was born on it,was a talented actor,director,a smooth as velvet dancer,had good strong singing chops,generous to the tee,and laughed from the belly up!

What a guy...he's missed and always will be.

02/12/09 10:40 PM #3    

Linda Stultz (Tucker)

Now here I go, smiling before I even type a word...just remembering John.
He had a 'crush' on me, and was willing to remind me of it almost daily (smile).
The moment a dance, party, or whatever was announced, I would find John waiting at my locker, telling me it had been announced, and asking if I'd go with him.

In the beginning, I came up with excuses, but eventually we became such good friends, that I was able to be honest with him and say: "John, you're just too short for me." He would laugh and say: "I don't care if I'm shorter than you, that doesn't make a bit of difference to me." Of course, I would tell him that it did make a difference to me though, and even more so if it was a function where the girls would be wearing high heels. John never saw my viewpoint on that, and golly, he really was such a nice, nice person, and lots of fun.

So I did give in and go with him to a few dances where we were pretty much in our bobby soxs, and oh my...talk about a fun date, and someone who knew how to dance...it was John. I wish now I had learned more about dancing from him, and appreciated his fine singing as he seemed to know the words to every song. (No, with our height difference, he didn't exactly sing in my ear, but it was close enough! Ha-ha)

Lots of loving friendship memories,

04/15/09 04:48 AM #4    

Pamela Kay Rea (Thompson)

Wow,what great memories I have of John...Cooke School, always a smile on his face, always trying to fix me up with someone ie Mark Tippett(that became my first crush and first official date too)and sometimes himself. He was the kind of guy that should have been in sales with his gift of gab and it doesn't surprize me that he was into theatre in front and behind the camera. He was just a great guy and totally likeable in every way. I miss him. Pam Rea Thompson

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