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Gregory Sharrow

Profile Updated: December 4, 2020
Gregory Sharrow
Gregory Sharrow


Gregory Sharrow


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In:
South Miami, FL USA
Spouse/Partner - wedding date:
Edna Mae (Dec 24, 1988)
Stacey Lynn, born 1966 - lives in Coconut Grove (Miami)

Andrew, born 1972- lives in Lady More…Lake, Fl
Current Occupation:
Retired for good July 2016, after 52 years in the new industry of Information Technology (I.T.)
Did you graduate in January or June?

June '59


Krysten Nicole Sharrow born April 12, 2010

About My Career:

Had a Great time in the computer industry. 50 + years. Retired in 2000, got tired of Oprah and started a second under-grad degree in Management @ The U. ( Univ of Miami)
Graduated in Dec 2012. I did it again! (At the time of graduation, The U was ranked 37th best university by U.S. News magazine. I had a 3.1 G.P.A. at age 71. I'm very proud of that, competing with 20 year-olds.

Funniest [ironic] reaction to my achievements in computer management and university professor in I.T.[YAWN}
is most everyone reacts to my impressive job description of "software engineer" formerly called "COMPUTER programmer"

Redford Memories:

Played Bass Drum in marching band in Tiger Stadium for City championship, 1958. Or marching in the J.L. Hudson Thanksgiving parade in 1958 in 19 degree weather, but national TV exposure.

Education after Redford:

Lots. Taught computer courses at Oakland C.C. at the Farmington Hills campus after graduating with business programming degree. (4.0 GPA in Major) Achieved a Certified Computer Professional certificate (equivalent of accounting's C.P.A. in 1971. After moving to Miami in 1979, taught programming at Miami-Dade C.C. for 5 years. Retired from a Fortune 25 company in 2000 as the head of IT. (C.I.O.)
I've lived in Miami, Fl since 1979. I have 2 adult/children from my 1st marriage. They live in Florida, again. I met my present wife, here. She's a native-born Miamian. Since graduating from Oakland C.C. I've been in the computer field as a programmer, systems analyst, manager, college professor, and consultant. Weather is fine. (No snow in the forecast, EVER) I'm planning a long retirement in the great state of Florida. In 2002, I started my 3rd college career at U-Miami, majoring in Management. I am now a proud "Hurricane" Alumnus, with a 3.1 G.P.A. at the age of 71(2012). I played tennis with the U-M tennis Club, and was the 2004 consolation ladder Club champ. (But remember, my opponents were just 20-year-old students)

Life is GOOD.
Email me at gemsinbay@gmail.com


Traveled thru Central America in the early 90's as a self-employed computer vendor with the Florida Dept of Commerce, drumming up trade opportunities. Been to East & West Caribbean islands thru various cruises that originate in South Florida.
Mostly enjoying the hard winter weather in Miami, (hardly goes below 60 degrees at night.) And going outside on News Years Eve, watching fireworks without a parka. Played tennis 3 times a week until my pedestrian-car accident in 2008.


Detroit, Southfield, and Clarkston, Michigan U.S.A. until 1979.

Florida since then.

It's funny, but You can say what you want about the South, but you never hear of anyone retiring and moving north.

My favorite phrase is, "Yankee by birth, Southerner by the grace of God"

Do you spend part of the year at another address?


What grade school did you go to?

Burt Elem

Did you attend any of our 50th Reunion Weekend Events September 25 - 26 - 27, 2009?

I did not attend any of the Reunion Weekend

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