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David Schaupner

David Schaupner

Date of death: Aug 28, 1971;  Place of Death: Detroit, Wayne, Michigan- Born April 14, 1941

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07/02/09 12:44 PM #1    

Steven Stockmeyer

I knew Dave fairly well at Edison. He and Warren Devine were best friends and occasionally they let me in our their little conspiracies and adventures.
He lived down the street from me and our mothers played bridge together. I remember when my Mom told me that Dave had died -- I couldn't believe it. He was so young, promising and very intelligent. He was one of our earliest classmates to die and it was a real shock. Little did we know, but as I understand it he suffered from some very rare malady that condemned him to an early death. Supposedly he and his family knew this all along, but he still lived a very normal and hopeful life. RIP, Dave, it's been a very long time, but you are still remembered.

07/02/09 01:01 PM #2    

Phyllis Schaupner (Cory)

My cousin David was an exceptionally intelligent and talented man. His early death from lieukemia saddened many. My son David is named for him.

David Paul Schaupner, RIP

Phyllis Schaupner Cory

09/09/09 10:09 AM #3    

Warren Devine

I had the privilege of being close friends with Dave Schaupner between the time we met in the 4th grade at Edison School and his untimely death from leukemia in 1971. Dave made a lasting impression on me and enriched my life; many of the interests and viewpoints we shared during those formative years are still mine today. He had a creative imagination and breadth of interests that were, in retrospect, simply astounding. For example, in the 7th grade Dave gave a talk to our class on his ideas about telecommunications in the future. His vision included "wrist-watch-size portable telephones" that, he said, would bring many benefits to individuals and society as a whole. Probably none of us listening to him believed that 50 years later most of us would be carrying devices very similar to those he described!

Dave played the violin in grade school and we enjoyed classical music together, something that certainly wasn't cool among most of our classmates. But jazz was Dave's favorite, and we attended many live performances, including the "Detroit Jazz Festival" in the late '50s and early '60s. Baseball was another of Dave's interests. Together with the late Sylvester Robes, we spent many summer afternoons and evenings in Tiger Stadium's center field bleachers--for 75 cents each! (I think we tried to see how far away from home plate we could get and still follow the game.) David also liked astronomy and science fiction, and even wrote several stories, the only copies of which I still have.

Dave and I attended the University of Michigan at the same time and remained close. He became president of Sigma Phi fraternity, and received his B.S. in Science Engineering in 1963. David stayed on for his M.S. in Business Administration, then worked for General Motors in Detroit. Although I moved to California in 1965, we remained in touch. In late 1968 I took my bride-to-be to meet him in his downtown apartment, unconsciously seeking--and getting--his approval. Carol remembers his warmth, the view of the Seagrams sign from his high-rise, and his "side car" cocktails. (Ask me for the recipe.)

Unfortunately about this time Dave's health began to worsen, but he said little about it. He loved northern California when he visited us in 1969 (the photo), but said relocating there was impossible--he needed to be near his doctors in Detroit. We got together for what turned out to be the last time in his hospital room in August, 1971. I remember laughing with Dave for most of the visit--about times at Edison and Redford, the old Chevys we used to drive, telling our parents we were watching meteorites from his back yard when we were really drinking beer, ... . A little later I lost a great friend; the world lost the contributions of a most remarkable individual.

09/10/09 07:11 PM #4    

Phyllis Schaupner (Cory)

Fine tribute, Warren. Thank you.
Phyllis (Schaupner)Cory

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